Help Us, Help Wildlife

How your donations help us

Building and Maintaining Wildlife First Response© App 

This app was built for the sole purpose of eliminating the suffering of animals here in Australia. Over 10 million animals are killed each year here in Australia on our roads. With your support, we can - 

Grow our network of wildlife carers, vets, and most importantly YOU, the users, which ensures that no animal go un-noticed, and without help .

Collect crucial data within the app which finds roadkill and wildlife hotspots. This data can be used to implement solutions to reduce the road toll on our animals over time, and protect important animal habitat and crossings. 

Providing Support to Wildlife Carers 

Crucial resources, food, and supplements for rescued wildlife 

Funidng weather/ wind proof shelters, and appropriate wildlife fencing where needed

Covering Veterinary costs for rescued animals in care

Wildlife Education

Educating our audience on the importance of protecting marine environments, such as the Great Southern Reef

Educating our audience on solutions and ways to help minimise entanglement and suffering of marine life

Educating our audience on Autralian wildife species, and how to help protect them.

Native Habitat Protection 

Our long term and larger scale goal is to be able to purchase land dedicated as habitat reserves for wildlife, protecting native habitat is crucial for the future of whole eco-systems. Any donations large and small, help us work towards this greater goal. 

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