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Wildlife First Response App ©

Every year in Australia over 10 million animals are hit and killed on Australia’s roads.

We have developed an app to help everyday Australians become a part of the solution.

Coming Soon in 2022

Animal and Wildlife Organisations and Rescues

Together, we can achieve great things. . . . . 

At Balu Blue Foundation we are about growing a broad community for the benefit of the the environment, and all animals. It takes collaboration to make impacts, and helping each other where possible. We have passed on donations to those in need in critical times, such as the 2019/2020 Australian bushfires, while also giving needed funds or supplies to those in need at smaller wildlife rescues.


Wildlife Carers, Vets, Animal Shelters –

Our app Wildlife First Response is an index of hundreds wildlife carers, vets, animal rescues, shelters Australia wide. The greater this index, the easier for the public to get in contact and get help when there is an animal in need. If you are wanting to be added to our app, please contact us at


Brands, Businesses, Companies

In order to do what we do, we need supporters, and good ones! We appreciate every donation we get, but with greater donations comes bigger, more impactful projects for our environment. If you are a brand, or business that would like to support us regularly, or one off, we would love you to join our Friends of Balu Blue community. Please contact us at


Animal and Wildlife Organisations and Rescues 
Defend the Wild –
Business and Company Supporters 
Bandicoot Pty Ltd

Kindness Project –
Two Songs Sanctuary – South Australia
Andara Wildlife Sanctuary – North East Tasmania
Kangaroo Haven – Kununurra

Fly By Night Bat Clinic – Victoria
Hunter Wildlife Rescue – NSW
1300 Koalaz – Adelaide
Adelaide Koala Rescue – South Australia
Coalition Against 1080