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The Dingo, a native predator in Australia, has often been misunderstood and misrepresented.

  • It is the primary native predator on the Ningaloo Coast in Western Australia, playing a vital role as an ecosystem engineer and enhancing the wildlife experience for both locals and visitors.
  • Our program aims to address parasite issues within the local Dingo population, alleviating their suffering, and raising awareness for these animals.
  • Mange, caused by invasive parasites, can be effectively treated through a program we will implement in 2024 with the support of dedicated volunteers, veterinarians, and carnivore experts.
  • Monitoring the Dingo population and implementing treatment programs offer various conservation and community-based benefits.
  • Citizen Science allows multiple individuals to participate, while education enhances knowledge, awareness, and safety regarding the Dingoes of the Ningaloo Region


Phase 1

  • Our team will be using photo and video monitoring to identify individuals requiring parasite treatment.
  • Citizen Science will assist us to gather photos, videos and information of Dingoes across the Ningaloo to identify a broader range of the dingo population.
  • Medication and treatment will be used by our team to treat individuals who are suffering from mange or other injuries, and also for prevention of the condition spreading.
  • The dingoes welfare, alleviating suffering, and advocating for the dingoes is our main goal of the project.

Phase 2

  • We aim to utilise the data gathered in Phase 1, alongside well-tested carnivore monitoring techniques to allow us to watch these amazing animals more closely.
  • With a goal to be able to move quickly on preventing and treating mange, injuries, or any suffering that is involved with high conflict areas.
  • This will allow us to prevent the risks they are at from lethal control, and advocate for better measures in our local areas.
  • This data will help protect Dingoes from conflict, ensure their overall health, and provide valuable DNA information for conservation efforts.

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