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On Country

Each year, over 10 million animals fall victim to collisions with vehicles, suffering injury or death on our roadsides. This heartbreaking loss of life and suffering drives us to find innovative solutions to reduce these incidents and equip everyday Aussies with the information to act effectively when faced with an injured animal.

In Oceans

Australia generates a staggering 3.5 million metric tons of plastic waste annually, resulting in over 8 trillion pieces of plastic polluting our precious waters. Ghost nets, in particular, contribute significantly to marine pollution, with approximately 640,000 abandoned nets endangering marine life in northern Australia alone.

Three Pillars of Action


A focus on short-term, immediate action by enabling our own care for injured marine life and native animals, while funding and connecting wildlife carers across Australia.


Education is key to creating lasting change and we strive to raise awareness and share knowledge to foster a community of responsible environmental stewards.


For long-term impact, we have a vision to acquire land with significant ecological value to protecting and preserving habitats while creating a haven for rehabilitation programs.