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Great Southern Reef

Working Together to Protect Crucial Marine Habitat

In 2019 and 2020, Balu Blue was directly involved with a project aiming to protect the Great Southern Reef, known as a designated “ Hope Spot  “, which is a series of marine ecosystems highlighted and awarded recognition by Sylvia Earle’s charity, Mission Blue

Fringing the southern half of Australia the Great Southern Reef is an interconnected network home to thousands of species; including the iconic giant cuttlefish, leafy sea-dragons, Australian sea lions and giant kelp forests – and scientists estimate that there are tens of thousands of species yet to be discovered.

Our team at Balu Blue worked hard alongside Ocean Imaging and we were named Hope Spot Champions for the Great Southern Reef, and a Hope Spot was achieved. The Great Southern Reef, is now its own organization, and are hoping to partner with us officially to help collaboratively highlight and preserve this incredibly large and diverse marine eco-system. Dr. Sylvia Earle, Founder of Mission Blue elaborates,

The Great Southern Reef is a fantastic example of how the natural world can thrive when we leave it alone. However, more must be done, because right now the Reef faces extreme threats from climate change and oil drilling. We need to embrace the identity of the GSR so all can understand and appreciate this ecosystem, so we can forge ahead and do everything possible to protect it.

Whats Next?

The Great Southern Reef needs our help, for habitat protection, so species can thrive in an environment free from pollution run-off, oil and gas threats, overfishing and much more. Stay tuned onto our social media for educational updates on how we can protect this zone further.

Diverse marine eco-system