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Help Us, Help Wildlife

Balu Blue Foundation Inc.

How your donations help us

Our ongoing work is targeted towards immediate, positive actions in the conservation of both land-based and marine environments. This includes protection of species, rescue and rehabilitation of injured wildlife and restoration of destroyed habitats to provide sanctuary for wildlife, and other animals.

Our work is in 3 steps.

Awareness and Education.

Empowering the public with knowledge to broaden the wildlife rescue community.


Wildlife Rescue and Solutions

Wildlife First Response App©, Connected Wildlife Community, Citizen Science Projects


Long Term Protected Habitat

Giving animals and wildlife a place to live without threats of destruction or exploitation.


How do you your donations help us directly today ?

  • Develop, maintain and grow our Australia wide Wildlife Rescue App©, assisting with the 12 million animals suffering on our roadsides each year.
  • Assisting carers and refuges when in need with supplies, feed, shelter, or veterinary care for rescued wildlife
  • Work towards large scale sanctuary safe zones for wildlife across Australia
  • Campaigning for the protection of The Great Southern Reef and crucial marine habitatProviding educational material to the public about wildlife rescue, plastic pollution and marine debris

We are Deductible Gift Recipient Endorsed

your donations are tax deductible!

If you would like to donate amounts larger between $1000 – $10,000 AUD or greater, please contact us at

If you would like to support us on a long term basis, or become a partner, please send us an email.

Thankyou, from the bottom of our hearts!

Brinkley and the Team

Balu Blue Foundation Inc.