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Bunji The Kangaroo

a story of survival


a beautiful girl, “Euro” or Wallaroo joey, that was rescued from the roadside as a pinky, 2 week old joey, and raised by Balu Blue Foundation Founder Brinkley Davies in late 2016

Bunji now lives out her days at Two Songs Sanctuary, in South Australia with over 20 other rescued kangaroos and animals.

About Bunji....

Bunji is the survivor of a road accident. In rural Australia especially, highways are 100’s of kms long, with speed limits of 100km/hr. + and lined with shrubs, making it often impossible to see any wildlife coming from nearby land. Despite being extremely cautious drivers, particularly in areas known for wildlife, unfortunately, accidents do happen.

The mother passed away from the accident and Bunji had fallen out of her pouch. This of course, was really traumatic, but an important story, as many people hit kangaroos, wombats and other animals every single day here in Australia, and never stop to check on the animal, or it’s pouch.

When Bunji was found, she was pink, known as a “pinky” to wildlife carer’s, which means she had no fur and her eyes were only just opening. She was immediately taken in by Brinkley, put straight onto bare skin under the three jackets Brinkley was wearing at the time. Already being put through the stress of the accident, hearing a heartbeat helped to calm Bunji down, feel warm, and feel safe. This was the beginning of a bond, and story of a lifetime.

Bunji is now 5 years old, her story is a very special one, and one that is long etched in the mind, and heart, of both Brinkley and many who followed this journey.

Keep your eyes out for the book “ Saving Bunji “ by Brinkley Davies, coming 2022.