On Saturday the 20th May, local citizens of Port Lincoln gathered together to join us and many passionate individuals, to show their resistance against big oil companies wanting to drill in the Great Australian Bight. 

Approximately 100 people came down and joined hands, listened to speakers and marked their hands prints on banners to show support. Eyre Peninsula, is home to worldly renown eco tourism, pristine beaches and coastline, marine species of which 85% are endemic to the area, world class waves, a $450 million dollar fishing industry and also a wonderful, naturally beautiful lifestyle for people who reside there. 

The shape of our continental shelf, our coastal upwelling systems and shallow gulf waters mean that if there is an oil spill, it has been estimated to devastate not only local areas, but widespread across Southern WA, South Australia, across into Victoria, and even as far as Southern New Zealand. 

With Eyre Peninsula being proposed to be able to power the whole state if correct renewable energy was installed, ist obvious to see that change needs to happen and that we need to support renewables, and say goodbye to big oil and the risks it comes with. 


All this footage was filmed and images taken by Balu Blue Foundation Inc. 


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